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Sliding Fee Discount Program

Peak Vista Community Health Centers is committed to serving all patients regardless of an individual’s age, insurance status, and ability to pay.  Our mission is to provide exceptional health care to people facing access barriers through clinical programs and education.

How can a Sliding Fee Discount Program help me?

The sliding fee discount program (SFDP) is a program that provides discounts on fees for health care services based on the patient’s ability to pay. The program is applied to all patients, whether they have insurance or not, and is only based on income and family size. The program offers varying discount levels for individuals between 100% and 200% of the Federal Poverty Level.

All patients are Eligible to apply.

Contact Peak Vista's Enrollment Services department  in-person or at 719.344.6889 to apply. You will be asked complete a short application and provide certain documentation. See the below for more information on what to provide.

Patients who qualify would meet the Family Size/Income below. 

SlidingScaleChart.jpeg (SlidingScaleChart.webp)

*Federal Poverty Levels (FPL) are updated each year.

What will I need to provide?

To apply for the Patient Discount/Sliding Fee Scale Program, you will be asked to complete a short application and provide documents that show the following: 

1. The number of people that are part of your household (defined as persons who cohabit, mutually contribute to household expenses, and assert that they are a household unit. They do not need to be related. It is recognized that other persons may reside at the common residence and are not considered part of the household unit.) 

2. Proof of income for all counted household members (generally shown through one month paycheck stubs, tax returns, social security benefit statement, or letter from employer. If you receive support from another person, you should provide a letter of financial support stating how much support is provided and the frequency.) Please note that assets such as bank statements and home ownership are not counted as income. Non-cash benefits such as SNAP and housing subsidies also do not count as income.

What if I do not have those documents?

If you do not have the above documents available, you will still be provided with medical care. The amount you pay will be based on the income and number of people in your household you declare. You will be asked to bring the requested documentation to your next appointment. You do not have to be a citizen to be seen and there is no residency documentation requirement.