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Labor and Delivery

Peak Vista moms who deliver their babies at UCHealth-Memorial Hospital Central enjoy state-of-the art birth facilities. The Central location is also a Level 1 Trauma Center, offering 24-hour specialty care for mothers. UCHealth Memorial Hospital Central offers everything needed to assure a safe, healthy delivery. You are able to spend as much time as possible bonding with your baby and learning to care for your little one.

Specialty Care In cases of labor induction under 32 weeks or other complex cases, services will still be available at UCHealth Memorial North.


Midwifery as practiced by certified nurse-midwives (CNMs®) encompasses a full range of primary health care services for women from adolescence beyond menopause. These services include the independent provision of primary care, gynecologic and family planning services, preconception care, care during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period, and treatment of male partners for sexually transmitted infections. Midwives provide initial and ongoing comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and treatment. They conduct physical examinations; prescribe medications including controlled substances and contraceptive methods; admit, manage and discharge patients; order and interpret laboratory and diagnostic tests and order the use of medical devices. Midwifery care also includes health promotion, disease prevention, and individualized wellness education and counseling. These services are provided in partnership with women and families in diverse settings such as ambulatory care clinics, private offices, community and public health systems, homes, hospitals and birth centers.

Resources for Moms

  • First Visitor
    • Resources for families with children under the age of 5
  • My Baby Webinar Series
    • Preparing mothers and their partners for a health pregnancy and delivery with education on prenatal care, emotional wellbeing, breast feeding and infant care and safety.
  • Prenatal Plus
    • Childbirth Classes funded by Medicaid
  • Well-Child Waiting Areas
    • Convenient waiting areas for children are in three of our health centers.