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Peak Vista Telehealth Care

Peak Vista offers telehealth appointments for medical and behavioral health services. Peak Vista patients have the capability to meet with their provider virtually, from the comfort of their own home! For more information on what a telecare visit is, how to schedule a telecare appointment, or troubleshooting guides, please view the documents below. Learn more about our online telehealth service "OTTO" here.

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Step 1: Contact Peak Vista to schedule your telehealth appointment via phone call or on our website.

(719) 632-5700orRequest an Appointment

Step 2: You'll receive a text or email that contains important telehealth information.

Message #1 contains your appointment date and time, as well as the link to access your virtual visit.

Message #2 contains a link to instructions on how to start your virtual visit.

Telehealth1.jpeg (Telehealth1.webp)

Step 3: Test your device's microphone and camera before your appointment starts. Scroll down to the bottom of the "Device and Connection Guide" and click on the "Let's run a quick test" button.

Telehealth3.jpeg (Telehealth3.webp)

Step 4: When you are ready for your appointment to begin, click on the link in the first message.

You will be greeted by OTTO and taken to a disclaimer that states that OTTO is not intended for emergencies.

Telehealth4-1.jpeg (Telehealth4-1.webp)

Step 5: Congratulations! You should now be in contact with your telehealth provider.

If you cannot connect, view our troubleshooting guides for web browser or mobile devices or call (719) 632-5700 for assistance.