Life can be overwhelming at times. Whether our stressors are jobs, relationships, or something else, stress has a way of sneaking into our lives when we least expect it. Sometimes, it can be good to take time out of our day to unwind and release our frustrations, and yoga is a perfect outlet to help accomplish this.

With the help of Colorado yoga instructor Nicole Bass, this series of guided yoga videos will teach you a variety of yoga sequences, breathing techniques, and meditation exercises to help to relieve stress and center your mind.

In life, we often go through the motions from one action to the next without taking time to stop, think, and appreciate the world around us. Take a minute to slow down today and practice these techniques to help relieve the stress from your life.

These stress relieving exercises will help you get in tune with your body. From breathing technqiues like the 'Breath of Fire' to mindfulness meditation focusing on love and kindness, these videos will help you establish and maintain a calmer state of mind.

In the following video, Nicole will walk you through a longer series of yoga poses and exercises. Feel free to watch and follow along if you have the time, or you can jump to the next videos in the series and come back another time. Part of yoga is finding what works best for you, so don't be afraid to skip around between these videos. Find the exercises that work best for you and practice them in your own time.

Keeping a positive state of mind is also a key factor in relieving stress in daily life. In the next video, we'll go into some simple breathing techniques followed by a meditation session to help you appreciate the love and kindness within yourself and from those close to you.

Combining these thought exercises with yoga and breathing techniques you've already learned will be very effective at alleviating stress and negative thoughts that can weigh you down.

The final three videos in our guided yoga series are shorter and meant to target the stress in your life. These shorter exercises are meant to be repeated whenever you have the time, or whenever you feel the need. 

For more ways to improve your mental health, make sure to visit our Mental Health Minute blog post. There, you can learn about more techniques for increasing mindfulness that only takes a minute of your time.

These videos are brought to you by the generous funding from the Dorothy Ferrand Fund. The Ferrand Fund seeks to provide support to organizations, like Peak Vista Community Health Centers, who are making a significant impact on the educational, medical, health care and other needs of low-income children and their parents in the Pikes Peak region.

Keep peace in the mind, strength in the body, and love in the heart. Namaste.