Our mental health is incredibly important, and by taking a little bit of time to focus on ourselves, we can increase our mental wellbeing and create a more positive outlook on life. Sometimes all it takes is a minute to stop, breathe, and think before we do something. Sometimes a night of good rest can increase our mood, concentration, and overall health. Other times, we might just need to take a minute to slow ourselves down and focus on breathing. Take a minute today to focus on your mental health and wellness with these Mental Health Minutes.

These four short videos  share some techniques and strategies that can benefit our outlook on life, our relationships with those around us, and our actions in the heat of the moment. From breathing excersizes, to sleeping tips, to mental techniques, this playlist will help you slow down and find ways to live happier and healthier. 

These videos are brought to you by the generous funding from the Dorothy Ferrand Fund. The Ferrand Fund seeks to provide support to organizations, like Peak Vista Community Health Centers, who are making a significant impact on the educational, medical, health care and other needs of low-income children and their parents in the Pikes Peak region.