Healthcare Reform: The Affordable Care Act

top 5 questions


What is "Health Care Reform"?

"health care Reform" refers to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which is designed to help more people get affordable health insurance and receive quality care.



Who has to buy health insurance?

Most people are required to have a basic level of health coverage. Visit one of our many Enrollment Services locations for more information. 



What if I don't buy health insurance?

If you are required to have health insurance coverage, and go without it for three months or more, you will be charged a tax penalty. You will not be charged this penalty if you are underinsured + uninsured for less than three months.



What if I can't afford to buy health insurance?

You may get financial help to help you pay for coverage and care; this amount is based on your income. You may also qualify for a public program like Medicaid or Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+).



What services are covered?

Many medically necessary services are covered under ACA, including preventive care, immunizations, well-care visits and certain cancer screenings, prescriptions, laboratory and behavioral health services.