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“There’s 104 days of summer vacation and school comes along just to end it”

- that is the opening dialogue for a cartoon kids love to watch.  That sentiment really conveys how much so many of us love summertime.  

As the end of summer comes into view, our thoughts start to shift back to preparing for school. Many of us create a list of “things to do before school starts.”  Buying school supplies is probably on top of everyone’s list, as well new clothes for the next year of school.  Getting much needed dental exams and care is certainly at the top of the list as well.  

Benefits of a Yearly Exam

For children of all ages who are entering this new school year, whether it be preschool or 12th grade, getting a yearly wellness exam before the start of the new year of school is highly recommended.  There are many benefits to scheduling a wellness exam with your provider before the start of the new school year.  

  • We can review immunizations(opens in a new tab) and administer any immunizations that are needed or that require catch up.  
  • We can screen for any developmental or milestone concerns as well as screen for depression and anxiety.  
  • We can review general recommendations with you specific to your child’s age or circumstance such as diet and exercise recommendations, sleep recommendations, sports and sports injury related recommendations.  
  • We can also clear your child for sports if they plan on participating in any sport throughout the year.  That clearance will last for the entire year.  

In the event a concern arises from your child’s wellness exam, we can take a preventative approach or recommend further evaluations and also, help to have your child further evaluated by a specialist if needed.   

As you approach the new school year please keep that Child Wellness Exam at the top of your list. We are all looking forward to a happy healthy school year! 

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