Goal setting doesn’t have to be something you do on your own. Setting wellness goals as a family creates healthy habits that can last a lifetime and is great way to spend time together while supporting your family’s overall health and wellness. Getting the whole family involved makes it a fun activity that will help kickstart healthy habits, putting you and your family on the path to wellness.

Healthy Eating Habits

Creating healthy eating habits early on is a positive behavior that will go a long way in preventing chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. Goals could include cooking a few meals at home each week, trying new foods, choosing healthy snacks such as fruits or vegetables, limiting the amount of fast food you and your family eat, cutting out sugary drinks, and reserving candy and sweets for an infrequent, special reward. Something as simple as setting aside a night for family meal planning will not only be an opportunity to spend time together but will give each member of the family a chance to share their ideas!

Physical Activity

Staying active and getting enough physical activity is an important habit that helps to prevent many chronic illnesses. Creating goals to stay active can be both fun and budget friendly. As Colorado residents, we are lucky to have access to trails for hiking and biking, plus many more outdoor activities to keep our families healthy and on the move.

Mental Health

Down time from screens, getting enough sleep, talking openly, and spending time together can all improve your family’s overall mental health and help set your children up with healthy coping habits. Goals aimed at improving mental health could include going to bed 30 minutes earlier, reading together, or limiting access to television and mobile devices.

Working with Your Provider

Not sure where to start? For help with setting and achieving family wellness goals, reach out to your primary care provider. They will be able to guide you on achieving nutritional goals for the whole family, staying active, managing stress, improving mental health, and preventing chronic illness, while setting you and your family up for a lifetime of wellness! Speaking to your provider can also get your children motivated and on board with family wellness goals.


SueMarie Mendez, NP is a dedicated Nurse Practitioner at Peak Vista’s Health Center at Divide. Sue has been treating patients with Peak Vista for nearly eight years. Her passion for providing excellent health care for those facing access barriers shows the depth of her compassion while sharing her vast knowledge of excellent care to those living in Teller County. In her spare time, Sue enjoys spending as much time as she can outdoors, enjoying the beautiful Colorado weather.

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