The state of health care in America today is a source of stress for many individuals. The endless paperwork, insurance approvals, scheduling conflicts, and excessive costs have left people feeling frustrated. These negative experiences can impact entire networks of people, from family members to neighbors and friends. For health care providers, having a strong customer service department is essential.

Quality customer service is critical in health care. It helps establish trust, improve relationships, and meet customers' expectations. The customer service department is often the first point of contact for incoming calls, assisting with scheduling appointments, medication refills, lab result information, and routing calls to other departments.

At Peak Vista, we pride ourselves on delivering respectful, detailed, caring, and compassionate customer service to every caller. Our team collects data from each experience to identify areas for improvement and ensure we consistently provide an exceptional level of service.

Our customer service call center consists of forty-five agents and a leadership team that includes a director, manager, supervisor, and two trainers. We continuously offer service skill training to elevate the level of customer service provided to all patients throughout the organization.

Serving Patients in 2023

  • Managed 452,500 calls, with 86% of those calls answered within 60 seconds.
  • Overall performance satisfactory score of 95%.
  • 24,040 patient satisfaction survey calls to gather feedback about our patients' most recent appointments.
  • 6,565 calls to patients who did not have appointments within the last twelve months.
  • 577 Emergency Room (ER) follow-up calls to ensure patients received any additional support or services they needed.

Our customer service center is an invaluable source of information, quality, and assurance that has set a standard for providing the best point of contact for all Peak Vista patients.

At Peak Vista, anyone in need of care is welcome, regardless of their ability to pay or insurance status. Give us a call at (719) 632-5700 to connect with our dedicated customer service team. 

Lois Vigil
Lois is the Director of Patient Engagement at Peak Vista Community Health Center's Customer Service call center. She is enthusiastic about providing quality care for underserved communities.