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Peak Vista offers more than a paycheck, we provide you with a unique opportunity to join a team that makes a real impact in our community every day by improving individuals' health while enhancing their quality of life.

With over 900 employees in the Pikes Peak and East Central regions, Peak Vista provides exceptional medical, dental and behavioral health services for people of all ages at multiple locations.


We model hospitality through:

  • Work Ethic: the drive to do things as well as they can possibly be done
  • Optimistic Warmth: kindness and thoughtfulness
  • Willingness to Learn: to learn for the sake of learning
  • Empathy: the ability to put yourself in another’s place
  • Integrity: doing the right thing and being honest
  • Self-Awareness: understanding what makes you tick

Our Core Values

Peak Vista’s culture is driven by a set of core values and marked by a commitment to hospitality:

Peak Vista Respect


We treat everyone with respect and embrace cultural diversity amongst ourselves and our community.

Peak Vista Stewardship


We will ensure responsible stewardship of the human, financial and material resources, as well as data and information entrusted to us. We will improve performance through evidence-based medical practices and sound business principles.

Peak Vista Excellence


We will strive to deliver the best outcomes and highest quality.

Peak Vista Caring and Compassion

Caring and Compassion

We are sensitive to the needs of our community by providing patient-centered health care with kindness and empathy

Peak Vista Teamwork


Our success depends on highly motivated, committed and competent people who share our vision and mission and work together to attain it.

Peak Vista Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

We strive to foster a work environment that continuously supports employee engagement. We highly value employees who bring discretionary effort, work with passion, drive, innovation and feel a profound connection to our company and its mission.