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Medicare is a federal health insurance program that may be available to people 65 or older and people under 65 with certain disabilities.

There are four parts to Medicare:

  • Part A is only billed if someone is seen at the hospital (ex: pregnant women) by our doctors. 
  • Part B is accepted at Peak Vista for office visits and preventive care. (What is listed on the site now is fine)
  • Part C, or advantage plans, and are billed typically through private insurance that the patient enrolled for these benefits under which are listed in the H-Codes box.
  • Part D is for drug coverage. At Peak Vista, our patients will be charged a sliding fee because Peak Vista does not bill under Medicare Part D. The patient will need to go to a local pharmacy that accepts Part D to get medications covered.

Please call Enrollment Services at (719) 344-6889 to see if you are eligible for secondary coverage to offset our out-of-pocket expenses not covered by Medicare.