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The Breakfast of Champions® (BOC) is Peak Vista’s premier fundraising event that supports our mission, to provide exceptional health care to people facing access barriers through clinical programs and education. This annual event features a gold medal Olympian who shares their inspirational story and its connection to health care.

Breakfast of Champions® generates funds for primary medical, dental and behavioral health services for working families in the Pikes Peak and East Central region, creates awareness of Peak Vista's programs and recognizes the many physicians, dentists and other volunteer champions who support Peak Vista.

Peak Vista Community Health Center's Foundation was established in 2005, hosting its inaugural Breakfast of Champions® fundraiser, featuring Mary Lou Retton and honoring Bishop Richard Hanifen as the 2005 Champion of Community Health. The Foundation raises money to support the programs and services provided by Peak Vista.

Erin Popovich - 2021

EVENT-3_Poster_24x26.jpeg (EVENT-3_Poster_24x26.webp)

Lisa Leslie - 2019

Breakfast of Champions Lisa Leslie

Apolo Ohno - 2018

EVENTS_2018_BOC_Posters_24x36.jpeg (EVENTS_2018_BOC_Posters_24x36.webp)

Amy Van Dyken - 2017

Breakfast of Champions Amy Van Dyken

Mia Hamm - 2016

Breakfast of Champions Mia Hamm

Gary Hall Jr. - 2015

Breakfast of Champions Gary Hall Jr.

Venus Williams - 2014

Breakfast of Champions Venus Williams

Kerri Walsh Jennings - 2013

Breakfast of Champions Kerri Walsh Jennings

Nadia Comaneci & Bart Conner - 2012

Breakfast of Champions Nadia Comaneci and Bart Conner

Rylon Gardner - 2011

Breakfast of Champions Rylon Gardner

Eric Holden - 2010

Breakfast of Champions Eric Holden

Mark Spitz - 2009

Breakfast of Champions Mark Spitz

Picabo Street - 2008

Breakfast of Champions Picabo Street

Jackie Joyner Kersee - 2007

Breakfast of Champions Jackie Joyner Kersee

Scott Hamilton - 2006

Breakfast of Champions Scott Hamilton

Mary Lou Retton - 2005

Breakfast of Champions Mary Lou Retton