Peak Vista Community Health Centers (Peak Vista) announces the election of Fadi Youkhana to its Board of Directors.

Fadi serves as a Data Analytics Supervisor for the El Paso County Department of Human Services (DHS). He previously worked for 3.5 years as an epidemiologist in the office of Data and Analytics of El Paso County Public Health. “My work revolves heavily around population health, data visualizations, internal processes, Community Health Improvement Plans (CHIP)/Community Health Assessments (CHA), and social determinants of Health,” says Fadi. “Our office was also heavily involved in the response to COVID-19 and its vaccination campaigns, working diligently with community partners to respond to a changing and dynamic infectious disease.”

Fadi was named the National Alliance for Mental Health’s (NAMI) Advocate of the Year in 2020, and Person of the Week for the Pikes Peak United Way in February 2021. He’s also been published in several prestigious publications including the International Journal of Cancer, The Journals of Gerontology, and the Hawai’i Journal of Medicine & Public Health.

Having immigrated from Iraq to the United States, Fadi and his family settled in Hawaii where he later attended the University of Hawaii at Manoa. There he earned Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Biology and Journalism; a Master of Science in Epidemiology; and is a currently completing his Doctorate in Epidemiology. In 2019, he moved to Colorado Springs where he resides with his wife and their new baby girl. In his spare time, Fadi enjoys sports, nature, and reading, as well as cooking and trying different types of food.

“I am excited for the opportunity to bring a data-driven perspective to the Peak Vista Board in order to serve our community,” says Fadi. “I hope to be a contributor to the wonderful work that Peak Vista does and to be a part of the organization’s positive impact.”

Peak Vista’s Board of Directors also includes Ray Nunn, Board Chairperson; Dr. Dennis Smialek, Vice Chair; Bill Sanden, Treasurer; Marianne Horvath, Secretary; Mary Lynn Sheetz, Member-At-Large; Dr. Robin Johnson, Immediate Past Chair; Santiago 'Bob' Duran; Jim Harris; Stella Hodgkins; Rev. Clifton Turner; David Fairley; and Lelia Gibson-Green.