What should you do if your friend or loved one comes to you and tells you that they are having a mental health crisis?

  1. First, stay calm. Let them know you are here and they are not alone.
  2. Stay with them! Reassure them. Let them know that together you will get them connect to the support they need.
  3. Listen. Let them express their feelings (without judgment or interruption).
  4. Help them connect with care. Call 988, the national 24/7 Crisis Hotline, to connect with a crisis counselor. The counselor will listen, assess, and if needed, send services to your friend.
  5. If your friend is willing, you have the option of accompanying them to a local Crisis Walk-in Center (run by Diversus) where they can be assessed in-person. The Crisis Walk-in Center is located at 115 S. Parkside Dr. in Colorado Springs.
  6. With your friend's permission, rally their team. Let trusted friends or family know about the situation so they can shower them with love and support.
  7. Safety first. If your loved one has a weapon they are not willing to put down and away or is acting aggressively and erratically, call 911.