First Visitor

Birth to age 3 are magical years in a baby's life. Our First Visitor program provides free, one-on-one support for parents and caregivers in the comfort of their own home. We provide emotional support, connect parents and caregivers with free community resources and share information on health, nutrition, safety and important developmental milestones. First Visitor partners with Bright by Three, a statewide organization that provides our evidence-based materials and together our purpose is to help make Colorado the best place to raise a child under the age of three.


Our Programs


Program A (prenatal to 12 mos.)

The initial contact can be made prenatally, within the first few weeks after delivery or up to 12 months after delivery. A volunteer will visit you to help celebrate the birth and welcome the baby into the community. Program A offers broad-based support to parents and caregivers, providing information on health, safety, childcare, community resources, health insurance, early brain development, developmental milestones, and highlights the importance of reading to children from birth.




Program B (12 to 24 mos.)

For parents of children 12 to 24 months of age, this program focuses on helping parents promote and encourage language development, a process which has been shown through research to have a significant link to school readiness and learning success later in life. Program B gives parents specific information, assessments, and tools to promote language development during the second year of life. Materials focus on the importance of talking with, encouraging, and playing with your child and include information on ways to enhance vocabulary development and positive interactions. The program is designed to help parents provide an enriched, supportive environment that promotes early literacy and teaches caregivers how they can become an encouraging partner in the "language dance."  



Program C (24 to 36 mos.)

This newly developed program for parents of children 24 to 36 months of age takes a holistic approach to zero in on the topics that parents and experts say matter the most for children in this age group: positive guidance and discipline, language, motor, cognitive, and socio-emotional development, health and safety and the critical importance of the parent-child attachment.


Bright by Text

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