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Program Elements

Sample Curriculum(opens in a new tab)

Program Summary 

Status: 12 months (full-time employment per Peak Vista)

Program Foundations

  • Benner’s Novice to Expert Model
  • ACGME Core Competencies
  • IOM (2010) The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health


  • Two-week Orientation to Peak Vista, including extensive EHR training followed by a one-week In-Clinic Fellowship orientation

Experiential Learning

Precepted Outpatient Psychiatry Practice Clinic

  • Five fellows/three dedicated preceptors
  • Fellows gradually increase patient load working to a full panel
  • Inpatient Rotation
  • Crisis Rotation
  • Developmentally Disabled Clinic Rotation
  • Primary Care Rotation
  • Therapy Rotation

Didactic Education

  • Problem-based learning in clinical immersion settings
  • Didactic curriculum designed to support the new graduate’s academic preparation related to patient needs frequently encountered in the outpatient psychiatry environment within a safety net setting
  • Ongoing interactions with Preceptors to enhance understanding of safe, effective prescriptive practice in psychiatry
  • Monthly Board Review in conjunction with the FNP track
  • Online CME modules
  • Directed CME

Quality Improvement Project (QI)    

  • Population focused
  • Fellow identified, planned and implemented clinical practice improvements
  • Plan. Do. Study. Act. (PDSA) QI

DORA Compliance

  • 750 hours Precepted Prescriptive practice
  • Mentorship Agreement