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PMHNP Fellowship Faculty

DrBursnall.jpeg (DrBursnall.webp)

Patricia Bursnall, DNP, FNP-C, PMHNP-BC


Patricia Bursnall is the Director of the PMHNP Fellowship. She brings a 16-year  background in family practice, therapy, and psychiatric care to this role. She also credits her leadership background as a lead clinician and school administrator, as well as her lecture background at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs and Anschutz campuses, the FNP Fellowship, and University of Haiti to assisting her in preparation for launching the PMHNP Fellowship.

"My approach is to educate the whole person. Each PMHNP Fellow brings their unique skills to this program, and I see my job as nurturing those strengths and building on areas for growth. As a provider, I treat the whole person. I need to be able to carefully listen, ask critical questions, listen some more, and work with the patient and the community toward their treatment goals."

Patricia loves working with the underserved and bicycling. She loves mountain and gravel biking, has been a biking guide, coach for adolescents, referee at the Colorado High School Mountain Biking League races, and even completed a world biking tour. Patricia has worked and lived with her husband and child in Colorado Springs for over 25 years.