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Peak Vista offers a wide range of both clinical and non-clinical continuing education opportunities for those seeking hands-on training and experience in a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) setting.

We have many opportunities for a wide variety of students. Students all go through the Education Department Coordinator for on-boarding and off-boarding. Peak Vista has agreements with their schools; they are not employees but are able to fulfill required practicum hours for their degree.

Types of students:

  • Middle/High school students
  • Undergraduate (Technical, Associate, Bachelor degree)
  • Graduate (Master, PhD)
  • Medical students
  • Dental students (Dental Assistants, Providers)
  • Behavioral health students
  • Nurse practitioner students
  • Nursing students
  • Allied health or administration students
  • Pharmacy students
  • Medical Assistant externs

Learning experiences:

  • Clinical rotations
  • Shadowing: Usually, but not always, high school or college students exploring careers. They follow a professional and learn about what the job entails. They are not Peak Vista employees.

To apply for a clinical position, CLICK HERE or to apply for an administrative (non-clinical) position, CLICK HERE.

Students should contact Lynnes Estrada Rivera at (719) 344-6013 or