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Colorado Unemployment

El Paso County Public Health

If you are interested in working in a different position (that you may be qualified for) please notify your manager.  Ensure that your manager has your current contact information (phone and email). 
Click here to submit for Available for Work.

PTO, LTL & Your Options

During the furlough period, any medical and dental benefits you are enrolled in will continue.  Peak Vista will cover both the employee and the employer cost of medical and dental premiums through April 30, 2020.  You will be responsible for the premiums for any Voluntary Insurance coverage you are enrolled in.

During the furlough period, you may choose to utilize your accrued PTO or take the furlough period as Unpaid Time.  If you choose to use your PTO, Unpaid Time would go into effect after the last PTO hour you have available.  If you do not have accrued PTO available or you choose not to utilize accrued PTO hours, you will go on Unpaid Time immediately.  Note:  PTO is the default in the payroll system.  If you would like to take Unpaid Time rather than your accrued PTO hours, you must notify your manager immediately.

You will not be eligible to use your LTL hours during this furlough period.

You are welcome to seek outside employment during this furlough period.  If you accept another position, please notify the HR Department at the number listed below.

During the furlough period, you may be eligible for unemployment compensation.  Please refer to the Colorado State Unemployment for specific details and provisions surrounding application, eligibility and collection of benefits.  To assist you in unemployment details, please log in to


EAP – Peak Vista employees and their dependents have access to Ability Assist Counseling Services.  Getting in touch is easy: 

  • You can call 1-800-96-HELPS (1-800-964-3577).
  • You can access them online 24/7 access: create your own personal user name and password:  In the Company/Organization files, use: HLF902. In the Company Name field at the bottom of the personalization page, use: ABILI

During the furlough, Peak Vista will communicate as appropriate any changes in status or direction of your furlough or site activities.  Below are some avenues you can utilize to stay updated and connected.

  • Website – Employees can access  Click on Employee Portal for COVID-19 updates.
  • HR Department – Please call rather than coming to the HR Department in person - 719-344-7183 (We will return your call within 24-48 hours). 

We regret the circumstances that have brought us to this decision. Please understand that this news is not what we wanted but what we needed, to be successful. Our goal is to remain stewards of our mission, to remove access barriers to those in need of health care in our communities. We will continue to make decisions in order to achieve this goal. Thank you for all that you do to contribute to Peak Vista and our mission.