Program Summary 

The Peak Vista family Medicine Residency Program's program year is July 1 - June 30. Our curriculum is delivered through 13 four week blocks.

Internal Medicine Internal Medicine Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine Critical Care Dermatology
Internal Medicine Pulmonology Hematology/Oncology
Critical Care OB/Gyn (mixed inpatient and outpatient Geriatrics
General Surgery Family Medicine Neurology
Family Medicine Poplutaion Health (2 weeks) Ophthalmology
Emergency Medicine Behavioral Health (2 weeks) Orthopedic Surgery
Obstetrics (Inpatient) Psychiatry Pediatrics (Outpatient)
Pediatrics (Inpatient) ENT Adolescent Medicine
Cardiology (Inpatient) Pediatrics (Outpatient) Urology
Pathology (2 weeks) Gastroenterology Gynecology (Outpatient)
Research/Scholarly Activity (2 weeks) Emergency Medicine NICU
Radiology (2 weeks) Elective Elective
Anesthesiology (2 weeks) Elective Elective

Continuity Clinic:

The resident’s continuity clinic is located at 340 Printers Parkway, Colorado Springs, CO 80910. Each resident spends one ½ days 1st year, two ½ days 2nd year, and three ½ days 3rd year at the continuity clinic. While working at the continuity clinic, residents work alongside three behavioral health providers that assist in co-managing patients.


1st year residents: Thursday-Saturday 5pm-11pm with 3rd year resident
2nd year residents: Sunday-Wednesday: 5pm-7am
3rd year residents: Thursday-Saturday 5pm-7am with 1st year resident 

Call frequency is dependent on rotation schedule and year in the program. Call frequency averages between 1-4 shifts per 4 week rotation. 


Weekly didactic sessions are held internally every Wednesday. Our residents also attend grand rounds and other lectures throughout the week at our community hospitals.