Mary Paul, NP


Mary Paul, NP

Women's Health Center

With Peak Vista since 1992



Mary received her BSN from the University of Maryland, her NP in Women’s Health from University of Texas and her MSN from the University of South Carolina. She is originally from Paducah, KY and has been with Peak Vista for 26 years as of September 2018.

Mary never knew her paternal grandparents, who were immigrants from Russia. They both died young because they lacked the means to pay for adequate medical care and, because of this, Mary feels strongly that everyone deserves equal access to healthcare, regardless of their financial status. She is an advocate for her patients in many ways and cares deeply for those she treats at the Women’s Health Center.

When not caring for the needs of Peak Vista patients, Mary can be found babysitting her grandchildren or mountain biking and hiking. She loves to be wherever family is. Her favorite food? Homemade cookies with pecans or walnuts and dark chocolate!