Specialty Clinic

340 printers parkway
colorado springs, CO 80910

Moving September 11 - Around the Corner to 350 Printers Parkway. 

The Specialty Clinic provides invaluable specialty services to Peak Vista patients and is home to a number of volunteer specialty physicians who treat patients referred by their primary care provider. Peak Vista's volunteer physicians assist in providing resources to those in need. The Specialty Clinic is made possible through volunteers specializing in Urology, Rheumatology, Dermatology, Endocrinology and many more. If you are a health care professional interested in volunteering at our Specialty Clinic, please contact Dr. Scott Robinson at Scott.Robinson@peakvista.org or call (719) 632-5700.

Please note: Peak Vista is no longer able to provide Pulmonary or Orthopedic Services at our Specialty Clinic. We will continue to assist our patients in accessing these services through referrals to our community partners. For more information please call (719) 632-5700 or email us at contactus@peakvista.org.


Meet Your Volunteer Physicians at the Specialty Clinic




  • Richard Moothart, MD
  • Bert Wong, MD




  • Ronald Salvaggione, DC




  • Gerard Koehn, MD




  • William Munson, MD


General Surgery


  • David Brown, MD
  • Amilu Stewart, MD




  • Charles Zinn, MD




  • David Guhl, OD
  • Ronald Solomon, OD
  • Daniel Weber, OD




  • Jennifer Yull, DPM




  • Martha D'Ambrosio, MD




  • Gary Bong, MD
  • Elliot Cohn, MD
  • Benjamin Coons, MD
  • Jon Derksen, MD
  • Jeffrey Ferguson, MD
  • Catherine Harris, MD
  • Brett Jepson, MD
  • John Mancini, MD
  • James McBride, MD
  • Jeffrey Moody, MD
  • Henry Rosevear, MD
  • James Thomasch, MD
  • Richard Walsh, MD