Paul Terence Dube, MD

Meet Your Provider: Paul Terence Dube, MD

Pediatric Health Center

With Peak Vista since 2010


Dr. Dube grew up in Connecticut and received his education at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine. He most recently comes from a pediatric practice in Canon City, CO. 

Dr. Dube remembers an incident that really touched his heart. When in practice in Canon City, a busload of high school kids crashed near the Royal Gorge on an icy winter day. Though three died, many more would have without the medical community pulling together to help those who survived.

Dr. Dube loves learning about anything related to science and will pull out the telescope on a clear night or go walking through the woods, identifying the flowers and mushrooms he finds. He loves spending time with his family and, when not at home or work, Dr. Dube enjoys climing 14'ers. His favorite food is anything that comes from the ocean and he loves classical and classic rock music.