Jane Switzer, NP

Meet Your Provider: Jane Switzer, NP

Developmental Disabilities Health Center

With Peak Vista since 2012


Jane came to Colorado Springs from Houston, Texas. She loves Texas A&M Aggie Football because of Johnny Manziel. She loves to return to Texas to vacation. Even if she cannot always be in Texas, she’s still able to enjoy some Tex Mex food, her favorite.

Jane studied at UCCS to become a Family Nurse Practitioner.  Jane started at Peak Vista in October of 2012. She says that all her patients touch her heart and she’s happy to work with friend and colleague Valerie Williams.

In her free time, Jane relaxes, sings, and laughs with her husband and five daughters. Her favorite music is Gospel and Praise. She loves to escape on a Colorado mini-vacation to Ouray, CO.