Sarah Noel, Vice President of the Revenue Cycle

Sarah Noel

Sarah does not claim native status from any one state, having moved around quite a bit as a pastor’s child. She has experience in the information technology and data fields. Sarah holds several certifications in revenue cycle representation, business intelligence, and physician practice management from the Health Financial Management Association.

Sarah started her career at Peak Vista as a data analyst in 2010. She has held positions as a level two data analyst, business intelligence coordinator, business intelligence supervisor, director of revenue cycle training. In July 2019, she became Vice President of Revenue Cycle.

Sarah discovered a passion for volunteer work when a close friend introduced her to Special Olympics Unified Sports, where she assisted developmentally disabled teens with soccer and basketball skills. She continued her volunteer involvement during her tenure at the Colorado Springs Gazette, participates in Friends of the Park cleanup efforts, and participates in several Peak Vista volunteer efforts, including leading the volunteer effort for Peak Vista’s annual Breakfast of Champions.

Sarah’s other hobbies include hiking and exploring the local area with her three children and two grandkids, seeking out new and different music, and healthy gourmet cooking.