About Us

Peak Vista Community Health Centers is a nonprofit Federally Qualified Health Center dedicated to providing exceptional medical, dental and behavioral health care in a collaborative setting for people of all ages. We proudly serve over 92,000 patients through 26 outpatient centers in Colorado's Pikes Peak and East Central regions.


Our Mission

To provide exceptional health care to people facing access barriers through clinical programs and education.



Peak Vista is an organization focused on enhancing the health of people and the community-at-large through a professional, caring staff who are motivated, enthusiastic, respectful, energetic and committed to strategic partnerships.


Core Values


Peak Vista's Core Values

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Our Board of Directors

• Robert Willson, Board Chairperson
• Matt Carpenter, Immediate Past Chairperson
• Dick Eitel, Vice Chairperson
• Tim Coutts, Treasurer
• Erica Oakley-Courage, Secretary
• Vicki Jo Moore
• Lesley Brown
• Santiago "Bob" Duran
• Marianne Horvath
• Robin E. Johnson, MD

• Regina A. Lewis, PhD
• Mary Lynn Sheetz
• Victoria Stone
• Rodrigo Villazon
• Vincent Yorke