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Know Your Provider:  Lorrie Grube, PA-C

Grube, PA-C

Cripple Creek- Victor School Based Health Center

With Peak Vista since 2009


Lorrie received her graduate degree in rural Community Health, Physician's Assistant program from the University of North Dakota. She has given care to patients at the Health Center in Divide and now is a provider at the Cripple Creek-Victor Mountain School Based Health Center at Cresson Elementary School.

Originally from Burlington, Ontario, Lorrie has been a US citizen for over 30 years. She worked with Indian Health Services in Alaska in the villages of the Yukon for 5 years. She began studying Community Health web sites in search of a home. The mission of Peak Vista was outstanding and she knew she would love working for Peak Vista. She loves children and feels she's found her niche working with the school based health center in Cripple Creek.

Lorrie has two wonderful sons and enjoys traveling to visit her grandchildren. She is an outdoorsy person who enjoys hiking, camping, canoeing and learning how to prepare exotic meats such as deer, moose, elk and buffalo.

Lorrie is also artistic and enjoys painting sceneries in oil. She’s a Bronco’s fan and loves bluegrass, jazz and classical music.