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Employment Information

Dr Salek quotePeak Vista Community Health Centers offers its employees more than just a regular paycheck. Here, you have the opportunity to serve others while giving back to the community, to improve an individual’s health while enhancing their quality of life - all in an environment of what we call "hospitality."

Peak Vista has over 700 employees in Southern and Eastern Colorado who provide exceptional medical, dental and behavioral health services for people of all ages through 25 outpatient centers.  Peak Vista is the safety net for El Paso and Teller county residents who otherwise would have no access to medical and dental care, pharmacy and laboratory services. Peak Vista is growing in terms of physical size, quantity of health centers, and number of patients and employees. We are an organization focused on enhancing the health of people and the community-at-large through a professional staff who are hardworking, welcoming, adaptable, compassionate, conscientious, and understanding.

Peak Vista believes in, practices, and rewards a vibrant hospitality culture among its employees. Peak Vista's hospitality behaviors include:

  • WORK ETHIC: the drive to do things as well as they can
    possibly be done
  • OPTIMISTIC WARMTH: kindness and thoughtfulness
  • WILLINGNESS TO LEARN: to learn for the sake of learning
  • EMPATHY: the ability to put yourself in another's place
  • INTEGRITY: doing the right thing and being honest
  • SELF-AWARENESS: understanding what makes you tick


Our Outpatient Services

Audiology • Health Centers at Academy • Collaborative Care Clinic • Colorado Springs Senior Health Center • Convenient Care Center • Cripple Creek/Victor Mountain Health Center • Health Center at Divide • Dental Health Center • Developmental Disabilities Health Center • Enrollment Services • Health Center at Union • First Visitor • Health Center at Fountain • Health Education • Homeless Health Center • Laboratory • Health Center at Logan • Moreno Health Center • Pediatric Health Center • Pharmacy • Ronald McDonald Care Mobile • School-Based Health Centers • Second Sight Vision Rehabilitation • Lane Family Senior Health Center • Specialty Care Clinic • Warfarin Clinic • Well Child Waiting Areas • Women’s Health Center

People are Important. Learning is Essential. Timing is Critical. Integrity is Paramount.